About Us

The Founders of Ez-Anneal are long time Mechanical, Electrical, and Software Engineers who work in the DOD Industry. We also share a love for Shooting, Reloading, and Engineering High Quality Solutions to every day problems.


Ez-Anneal is the result of nearly two years of Research, Development and Prototyping. The goal was to produce and bring to market a Unique Annealing System based on Induction Heating. While other systems for annealing cartridge brass exist, mostly Gas-Torch based systems, we wanted to bring a cutting edge Induction-Based Annealing System to the home reloader. The unit was to be Easy To Operate, Micro-Controller Based, and feed a wide variety of Brass Cartridge Cases while offering the reloader Exacting Precision Control over the Annealing Process. General starting-point information is provided for most popular cartridges, however the end user has Precise Control to tweak the process for Cartridge Height and Exacting Anneal Time to Milliseconds of Accuracy. The end result, Ez-Anneal, is a well refined and easy to use solution with unmatched quality, precision and workmanship.